28 Dec 2015

Vu+ Solo 4K

Submitted by drhans

The reason I was interested in trying the new Vu+ Solo 4K was not 4K itself but rather the fact this is the latest Linux receiver from one of my favorite manufacturers, running Enigma 2. Therefore, this review does not primarily focus on 4K reception since I don’t even own any 4K capable display. This review will describe the following: overall box design and connections, hardware highlights, TV experience and Media: default media player, XBMC, Dreamplex.

18 Dec 2014

The new Dreambox 820 HD could be considered a poor man's Dreambox. Maybe not really, considering a hefty €450 price tag. But it's still a Dreambox we're talking about right now, so a high price, perhaps even too high, is not surprising. It comes out shortly after the current top model, the 7080 HD, which is much more expensive.

8 Sep 2014
Let's take a look at Scientific Atlanta's PowerVu satellite receiver, model D9835. PowerVu is quite often considered to be the only ever-secure encryption system used. It's also the most wide-spread platform of choice for channel distributors around the world. You're probably familiar with many PowerVu encrypted satellite feeds and in rare occassions, also DTH satellite packages such as Orbit (which switched to Mediaguard and later merged with Showtime to use Irdeto) or AFN.
9 Aug 2014

For whatever reason, the Total TV package seemed like an interesting choice, mostly because of channels such as FOX, Comedy Central Extra, Ginx and a couple of others, not available on any other local (Czech) pay-tv. Also because of the relatively low price, getting Total TV was an impulse purchase. I even threw in the HD receiver, even though none of the HD channels were interesting to me (all sports). After a couple of phone calls and a wire transfer, I had the Total TV decoder shipped from Slovenia.

26 Dec 2007

Kathrein UFS910

Submitted by drhans

Are you really HD-Ready?

So you're thinking about getting into the HD game, is that right? Let me share my experience first.
First of all, try to answer the following questions.